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May 25, 2012


Eric Fader

The curation can wait; your health is way more important.

Mitch Joel

Feel better, Jason. Health first. Just know that we're all rooting for you and appreciate the amazing work that you do! Regards from Montreal :)


I hope you get healthy soon and that your eyesight returns to normal. While I, and many others, look forward to your email each day, it's not as important as your health.


I really hope that your vision improves without surgery. :(

By sharing your experience, you may have saved others from going through the same thing! I'm going to forward this to someone I know so they can learn what happens when you don't take insulin.

Chris Rodinis

Dear Jason, I say to you: hey man know that you are loved and nothing can take that way.

Chris Rodinis

Dear Jason, I say to you: hey man know that you are loved and nothing can take that way.

Michael Lang

Hang in there -- hope all gets better and we can get together soon.


Good for you on losing all the weight!


No worries Jason, get better. Thanks for all the time you spend curating ... I think you've earned a whole lot of slack. ;-)

Paul Ryan

Get better.


Take care of your health first Jason. While we love your curation, your life is way more important. There is only ONE of you.


Dude, glad that you are focusing on the most important thing here - us, your audience! Kidding, of course, and hope you can use this terrifying incident to stay motivated and keep your health on track. Type 2 diabetes is just awful and sorry you have to cope with it. Be good, J.


Dear Jason. Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the insightful articles. Hope you feel better very soon. Keep well. Cheers, T.


Hey. Get better! Quick!
Sending good thoughts...

Ritch Esra


You're health is one of the most important things in the world.

I am so glad that you're on the mend.

Take Care,



I was actually a little concerned and assumed vacation! Wish that had been it. Hope you feel better soon!

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