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July 21, 2012



Jason, All I can say is thanks for writing this. A very powerful piece. And my best wishes to your mother for a full recovery.


I couldn't agree more. Escaping into a movie is one of life's greatest joys. Movies helped this nation through the great depression and have been a source of inspiration for generations.

Charles Pham

Powerful indeed. Great post...


Great Post Jason! Well and succintly put. Sometimes crazy is just crazy, and stuff happens for no discernable reason. I too am having a tough year, and getting out and doing things I love - like going to the movies, is key to helping me keep my sanity. Love and Blessings Donna


Great post Jason, and best wishes. Thank you for your work day in and day out. It's because of reasons like this that cinema will never die.


I'm so very moved by your post, your willingness to go vulnerable with your personal issues and your passion for the movies. Really, there's no way to be upbeat about this stuff, so instead of going to the head, you went to the heart, and the gut. Thanks.

Account Deleted

First time in my life I have been touched by a blog post. Great work. Isaw ted and it was amazing, waiting to see the dark knight rises.

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