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May 06, 2011


Max Robins

Spot on Jason -- she's terrific!


Absolutely goddamn right. In particular a"champion of creative risk-taking." How incredibly rare and wonderful.


All true Jason. Thanks for expressing how all of us feel about Judy.

Rachel Glickman

One on my professional regrets is that I never met or got to work with Judy McGrath, though she was always a shining example of how big companies can be great companies.

Rachel Glickman

One of my personal pet peeves is bad spelling. I just violated my own rule. Argggg

Jason Kilar

Judy is such a rare bird. It is awe-inspiring what she has done.

Rishi Garg

Nice post, Jason! :-)

barry blyn

terrific Jason, thanks for asssembling this, well-done

julie kellman reading

This is awesome, well put. She has indeed been the key ingredient to MTV all these years. She's what made it the only place I ever wanted to work at.

Mike Skagerlind

Right on.

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