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August 04, 2011



Great story - and real classy writing those checks ;-)

... but this is the teaser version - go write the long one - we'll buy book!

Robin Jakobsson

Inspiring story!
Very inspired by the act of taking care of your mother. What happened to the Matchbox cars :) ?
I haven't made the product to give me a similiar situation yet, but in the future, Inshallah!

Waikit Lau

Love the part with the check, I have to admit. :)

Alex Iskold

Hey Jason,

What a fantastic story, so so fun!

I sold my first company to IBM back in 2003, and while it was not a huge exit it was incredibly meaningful for me and my family.

My "splurge" purchase was one of the first iMacs. It is still sitting here in my basement, looking good. It was like a 3K purchase that I would have never made had I not sold the company.

More importantly, we bought an awesome house in Livingston NJ and started a family. This house is our pride and joy, we would not trade it for any other place. Kids love it and love growing up in it.

To me this wraps back all the way to my childhood memories, when I was growing up as a kid back in Ukraine. My family lived in 2 rooms - my parents and my sister. A tiny apartment on the 5th floor, where hot water was a rarity. This house we live in now is like from a different Universe. It really is.

I often stop and think about my great grand parents and wished they would be able see us know. How far we've come, and this house we have how much different it is from the place I grew up in.

I realize just how profound of a meaning money has on our lives. It is not about having a lot of money, although it helps of course, it is about the magic of enjoying the money you have and turning it into meaning.

Susan Hirschhorn

It is truly an honor to be Jason's Mother. I am more than proud of all his accomplishments, but most of all I am extremely proud of Jason, the man.
He continues to be the most generous person I know.


Great topic -- I look forward to reading others' accounts of what they did when the money finally came in. It's everyone's fantasy, right?


Awesome story, but I'm curious to ask if you think that in hindsight you getting kicked out of high school is still such a bad thing? Meaning, I know that situations like that can sometimes motivate us even more and perhaps without them happening we would never have ended up where we are today.

I know that you said that it's a whole other story altogether, but it would be interesting to hear what you think.

I just think that some of the most trying times in our lives are what end up making us the people we are today, even if they were painful.


Great article. Makes me think that all of my hard work might one day pay off. Thanks for sharing.


I didn't sell out for a bazillion dollars but my exit from my first business sent me off with the knowledge that I could earn an income from things other than a job and gave me enough financial security to take the first steps toward my dream goal - the 2012 Olympic Games.

Ben Georgia

=) Wow!! Keep opening up sir. You're a good guy with great ideas...and I'm sure just warming up. I certainly learned a lot working with you. Thank you again for the set of match box cars for my son Benny. They were a hit for sure.. played with for years. He used to lay out lines of traffic and we would run tracks that went down the full length of the stairs. Of course at the bottom there was a big jump, which launched the car right into the front door. A smashing good time. I think we still some of them - the rest passed on to other children. cheers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nAoTH5L_mFw


Great post! I have also compiled a list of: ALL THE THINGS I EVER WANTED.

You may ask yourself, Why would I want this now?"

I have found the satisfaction that comes from achieving something you dreamt of doing or having is rewarding in some deeper way.

Once you acquire and item does not mean you have to even keep it. It is the act alone that fulfils.

My Last acquisition: A tactical vest for a Zombie Apocalypse. Make sense? No. Awesome fun? Yes!

I always wanted ........ is a great start to my adventures.

Thanks again for sharing these insights



You bought me my first iPod! And even loaded some songs onto it for me, what to me was "newer" music, but most people refer to it as the 1980's:).

I still have that iPod on my desk at home, not for use, but as a reminder of your kindness!


Graham Goch

I guess I have selected a mind blowing and interesting blog.

Account Deleted

A huge round of applause, keep it up.

Account Deleted

This stuff is down t earth, hats off buds out there.


I sold my first script to a studio at the end of the Go-Go 90's market for specs. While some of my writer-friends bought Porsches and over-priced condos, I bought a supermarket. Oh, and a 36" ProScan CRT television.

All these years later -- in addition to my filmmaking career -- I have four supermarkets and a few shopping plazas. Those friends (coincidentally?) are long out of the business.

Sometimes it pays to be paranoid, I guess...

(That ProScan is long gone -- I actually kind of miss it now that I write about it -- but a dedicated home theater replaced it, so it's all good...)


im still broke...

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