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August 22, 2012



Awesome post. Thanks for putting that together.


Nice post. My only comment, as a Brit I'd say Jay-Z was a global superstar way before 2008. To say otherwise is a little misleading I think..


Jason Hirschhorn

Clearly in the UK he had broken, but he was by no means a "global sell out anywhere" superstar yet.

Bruce Houghton

Great post. Jason - Would love to republish it on Hypebot.com qith credit and links. Is that possible?

Account Deleted



jason ,Its a brooklyn thing :-)


Hi there,

Good article and Jay-Z is indeed a great artist and business man, I just wanted to offer a different opinion on two points.

Firstly in regard to hip hop acts playing at Glastonbury Festival, while undoubtably Jay-Z was ground breaking in having the headline slot, Glastonbury has one of the most diverse and eclectic music policies of any festival. Hip hop (and trip-hop, grime) acts had been playing for years before (here's Cypress Hill playing the Pyramid (main) stage in 2000 http://tiny.cc/ydppkw ) as well other many different genres than rock (Glastonbury actually has a dedicated World Music stage where some truly niche acts have played).

As for Jay-Z having a big impact on ticket sales, this was a narrative invented by the British press to retro-fit Noel Gallagher's ridiculous comments. The truth, as if often the case, is much more mundane. The weather at the two previous Glastonbury Festivals had been atrocious and particularly miserable from start to finish in 2007. I can personally vouch for this and know that large numbers of my friends had vowed never again! This is obviously part conjecture on my behalf that this was the reason for the lacklustre ticket sales but the one thing that does support this is that the Glastonbury festival line up is never announced until a fair while after the tickets go on sale. In previous years the tickets would sell out in 24 hours flat without anyone knowing who would be playing but this year they didn't, the only sensible explanation can be the impact of the the previous year(s) weather.

Anyway enough of my Glasto-bore, one last thing though, if you haven't been I would highly recommend it, it's the daddy of festivals!


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